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How to use folder.mark in Five Minutes

  1. Copy the folder.mark directory onto your web server. (You can download folder.mark here.) It requires PHP5 (so if you need to do some .htaccess stuff to force PHP5 to be used, you'll need to do that).

  2. In the folder you want to serve as your web-root add a .htaccess file. It needs to have this stuff in it:

    Options +FollowSymLinks 
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^([^\.]*)$ /path/to/folder.mark/?h=Site_Name&b=/path/to/content/&u=$1 [NC]

    Note: both paths are web-root relative.

  3. Organize content in your content folder using sub-folders and whatever.

    Note: by and large, things should work as expected. The key thing to understand is that, by default, a folder equals a web page. If you want to re-order content in a directory you can prefix names using XXX_name and the XXX_ part will be used for ordering but not displayed.

  4. Spend the remaining three or four minutes congratulating yourself on a job well-done.

Why Use folder.mark?

It does more than any other CMS.

It does less than any other CMS.

How folder.mark Builds Pages

folder.mark treats each folder (or directory if you prefer) in your content folder as a web page. (Anything with a leading period is ignored, as are folders named "images" or "assets".) To convert a folder into a web page, it:

  1. Finds everything in the folder.
  2. Sticks the css (and less) files up top
  3. Inserts navigation stuff (which you can easily hide or format with css)
  4. Sticks the content parts in the middle (rendering them as necessary)
  5. Sticks the javascript down the bottom

Items are output in alphabetical order by filename, but item names omit anything before the first underscore separater, so if you want "foo.txt" to appear before "alpha.txt", renaming it to "0_foo" will do the trick (and it will still appear as "foo".

(The underlying idea is the "0_foo bar baz" will appear as "foo bar baz" and have the URL "foo-bar-baz" and the link will keep on working if you change the name to "2_foo bar baz". The last bit hasn't been implemented yet.)

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